Ready for 2021: Tech trends to watch

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

It’s a few weeks away before the end of what feels like the longest rollercoaster ride ever. The majority of us were blindsided by the global impact Covid-19 pandemic has made on our communities. It has mandated many shutdowns and restrictions, forcing many of us to rely on technology, where it was otherwise not an option.

The transformation has already made a lasting effect on how we conduct business. Since the onset of the pandemic, I’ve seen an increase in our reliance on video calling. I’ve done more video calling this year than I’ve ever done in my entire career in the telecom industry.

Keeping a close eye on technology, I’ve seen that despite everything that’s been happening, it continues to progress and shape our lives.

As I reflect on what 2020 has brought us and the lingering effects the pandemic has made, I am curious and look forward to what technology will continue to bring in the new year.

The biggest lasting effect I see is in online service, which I anticipate will continue to expand and become more widely used. Theses service include things like shopping, banking and registering for services and accounts. In addition, services that are optimized for mobile will tend to be more successful because a large chunk of internet traffic is from mobile devices.

To this point, Facebook noted in a statement on its latest financial results released on October 29, that the pandemic contributed to a shift of commerce from offline to online and the social media giant expects the trend to continue into 2021.

Another lasting effect could be the over-cautiousness to avoid the spread of germs. We may see the adoption of touchless technologies, especially in establishments that have a lot of visitors. Payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay are one example, as they utilize NFC technology in the phones so that one could make a payment by simply tapping one’s phone against a console at check-out line. It’s contactless and efficient.