Working from home: We love it, we hate it

In the pre-coronavirus era, the workday consisted of waking up early to beat the morning traffic. Work clothes were planned the night before to save time for breakfast, which was sometimes eaten on-the-go. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted workplace operations, with most of Guam’s businesses shifting to telework.

As with many other changes imposed by the public health emergency mandates on our daily routines, working from home is something that we are still trying to perfect, and its pros and cons we are still trying to weigh.

A.P., a forensics scientist who recently returned to his lab, wishes he could be more productive when teleworking. “Because I wasn’t physically at the lab, I lacked material to work on,” he said. “I’d be easily distracted, because I had no supervisor in the room telling me what to do, so I'd slack off.”

Working in forensics, A.P. was often called to trial as an expert witness. However, because of the social distancing mandate, A.P. has not been called to court lately. “The justice system did slow down because the courts also shut down during PCOR1,” he said.