Emergency procurement transparency bill passes

Senators have unanimously passed a bill that would update Guam’s emergency procurement law, requiring more transparency and accountability.

Sen Sabina Perez

“Guam’s emergency procurement law needed to be updated in order to effectively respond to threats facing our island and to enable transition to non-emergency procurement which can foster greater competition and lower costs to government,” said Sen. Sabina Perez, author of Bill 90-35, which provides a responsive and complete framework for utilizing emergency procurement.

The bill requires regular public information and extends the emergency procurement from 30 to 90 days, and a public hearing is required should procurement extend beyond 90 days.

Perez said this approach will provide local authorities with the tools needed to quickly respond to threats, while also ensuring proper planning and public transparency to avoid on-going, costly emergency procurements.

“Bill 90-35 improves transparency in the emergency procurement process, and provides greater safeguards to protect the public trust,” she said.

The bill would also allow for the use of emergency procurement when facing threats to the environment. Current Guam law only allows