Guam’s Covid-19 death toll likely to hit 80 by Dec. 1


The Joint Information Center has reported Guam’s 63rd Covid19-related fatality, which occurred at the Guam Memorial Hospital around 5:49 a.m. today. The patient was a 51-year-old man with underlying comorbidities that were compounded by COVID-19. He was admitted to GMH on Sept. 4 and was a known positive case.

A 58-year-old man was the 62nd Covid-fatality. He died 5:55 p.m. Thursday. he was admitted to GMH on Sept. 14 and was a known positive case.

A model followed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention projected that Guam’s Covid-19 death count would hit 80 by Dec. 1.

“There are different models that can suggest that. I wouldn’t be surprised if we reached that, which would increase our death count by one third,” said Dr. Felix Cabrera, the governor’s medical advisor.

During a PowerPoint presentation Thursday, Cabrera said data showed that Guam was not yet done with the first wave when the second wave hit. Guam’s positivity rate averages 14 percent over the past seven days, he said.

The government reported 86 new cases out 571 samples tested Wednesday. Of the 86 new cases, 32 were identified through contact tracing.