Setting a new vision to rebrand tourism: Saipan's 10-year plan redirects focus toward active com

Saipan— The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world’s tourism into sleep mode. In the CNMI, the number of tourist arrivals is zero. But the Marianas Visitors Bureau won’t waste time moping. The agency looks ahead to post-pandemic recovery, recognizing that once global tourism reawakens, competition among destinations will be fierce. MVA has developed a 10-year sustainable tourism plan, which is being formulated to breed direction, cohesion and put the CNMI back in the game.

Tatiana Babauta

According to Tatiana Babauta, MVA’s product development manager, the goal is to complete a sustainable tourism plan by the end of November and a published plan by end of December. “MVA is focused on ‘sustainability’ and this is the reason why we need to incorporate economic, social and environmental planning and development because the tourism industry impacts these areas the most. Our motivation is to promote and develop the Northern Marianas Islands as a premiere destination of choice for visitors and to maximize quality of life for our people,” she said.