My journey with Covid-19

Gina T. Reilly, right, and her mother Teresita Tabonares

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” This is the perfect description of my life during this pandemic crisis.

I tested positive four days after my birthday. I got the coronavirus as an unwelcome birthday present. The shocking news of being positive for Covid-19 put me in an emotional rollercoaster. For two months, I was swabbed six times before and during my quarantine period. I was in home isolation for what seemed like forever.

After becoming a veteran of swab testing—and eventually defeating the coronavirus — I thought my own painful journey with Covid 19 was over.

Had I written this story right after I finally received the clean bill of health, I could have had a happy ending note. I survived the invisible enemy. Sadly, my mother did not.

She left the world last Thursday after fighting for her life for weeks.

We could not pinpoint where exactly she got exposed. The coronavirus also infected my sister, her son and my mom’s caregiver.