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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Guam's first family hit by Covid; governor's son tells his story

Joaquin Cook

As Guam's statistics continue to mount, Covid-19 has hit the first family.

Following Gov. Leon Guerrero's disclosure Monday night that she tested positive for Covid-19, her son Joaquin Cook, president of the Bank of Guam, revealed he has also been hit by the coronavirus.

Last Friday, the family-owned bank reported three employees tested positive.

"The recent incident has it the bank close to home. For me, it did hit home," Cook posted on his Facebook page. "As president and CEO of the Bank of Guam, more important as a responsible member of this community, I am compelled to share with you that I am one of those three Bank of Guam employees that tested positive last week."

He and his family tested for the virus after he was notified that he might have been exposed to a known positive, Cook said.

Cook said he is currently in isolation as he recovers. His wife Jamie and their daughters tested negative, and are in home quarantine.

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"They are following DPHSS guidance and will remain quarantined at home because of my positive result. I will be in isolation until it is safe for me to interact with others," Cook wrote. "My symptoms have been mild with body aches being the worst part. Every day has been better than the day prior and I feel as though I am almost back to 100 percent."

He said he shared his condition to encourage others to remain vigilant in their daily activities to keep the virus at bay.

"For those like me that have become infected, I hope that you too share your story. Every effort is needed to remind others to treat this pandemic seriously," Cook said. "It is on each of us to take personal responsibility for our own actions, remaining diligent and safe in the process."

As for the bank, Cook said the company took immediate measures to ensure that the bank could safely reopen and continue operating. "Aside from the necessary sanitation procedures all affected employees and all those who may have been in direct contact with them are in isolation or quarantined," he said.

Press Secretary Krystal Paco said contact-tracing ic currently ongoing in Adelup.

Meanwhile, Sen. Wil Castro, Republican candidate for the Guam delegate seat, issued the following statement.

"The news of our Governor’s health is of concern. I send my sincere wishes to her and the First Family for a full and speedy recovery.

"Governor Leon Guerrero in her statement said, "I implore everyone to use my experience as a reminder of just how serious and contagious this virus is. Help our island protect our loved ones. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Practice social distancing."

"I Magaʹhågan Guåhan's sentiments are shared. Please join me in offering up prayer for God's mercy and healing for our Governor and the people of Guam. I am grateful for her continued public service and advocacy for good health and the sustained safety of local families," Castro said.

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