Pohnpei vessel to assist MV Hapilmohol-1 stranded in Woleai

Photo courtesy of Luke Weilbacher/marinetraffic.com

Palikir, Pohnpei— The Pohnpei-based MV Micronesian Navigators will postpone its regular field trip to Chuuk. Instead, it will leave Pohnpei on Aug. 8 to provide immediate assistance to citizens stranded on the MV Hapilmohol-1 (H-1), which is presently located in Woleai Atoll, according to the Office of the Federated States of Micronesia President.

The H-1, which was conducting a routine “student run” to escort children and families to their homes in preparation for the new academic year, has suffered from issues with its generators.

The passengers on the H-1 are safe but operating the H-1 in the open ocean could potentially risk the safety of the nation’s citizens onboard.

“After consideration of the nature of the problems with the generators,” Yap Gov. Henry Falan said in his letter to FSM President David Panuelo, “and the possibility of total failure of both generators on its way back in open water, the ship being low on fresh water to cool the engine and serve the needs of its passengers and crews…we have no other alternative but to request for a backup vessel [to provide] urgent assistance.”