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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Castro pushes for greater access to public-owned digital data

Bill 156-35, or the 'Digital Layers Public Domain Access and Benefit Act of 2019,' will have its day.

And because of this, students, farmers, small business owners and many other residents will be a step closer to being able to access digital data that the government of Guam has generated and accumulated over the years -- with their money.

The bill seeks to create a "government data-sharing and accessibility policy ... to authorize wider use of such data" to empower residents, guide the government's plans and decisions, boost commerce and enhance educational opportunities, among others.

Sensitive, personally-identifiable, or otherwise proprietary information would be protected through the bill.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Wil Castro and co-sponsored by: Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes, Sen. Louise Borja Muña, Sen. James Moylan and Sen. Jose "Pedo" Terlaje.

"If we are to grow and thrive as a community, our government must include residents in that equation and provide them greater access to its caché of data," said Castro, delegate hopeful for U.S. Congress.

"If we elevate our residents with information and data, whether for use in college, starting a business or to seek opportunities for their families, then our entire community will truly be better because of it," Castro added.

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