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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

CNMI finds third Covid-infected passenger on May 28 flight

Saipan airport

The Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. (CHCC) would like to inform the public that one additional person has been recently confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, bringing CNMI’s confirmed case count to 28 since March 28.

The individual is an asymptomatic 34-year-old male and is not a resident of the CNMI. As a passenger of today’s United Airlines flight, he was placed under quarantine pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order, and his specimen was collected while in quarantine, which was identified as positive for the virus which causes the disease Covid-19.

This was the third positive cases identified from the May 28 flight from Guam.

Of these 28 confirmed cases, five were identified through testing at the Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force Quarantine Facility.


Through the Governor’s Task Force, many interventions are in place to protect the community from the spread of Covid-19 within the CNMI. Our recent cases, identified through the arrival screening and quarantine process required for all incoming international passengers, highlights the value of this border containment effort. Combined with immediate contact tracing, these interventions are key in minimizing the risk of exposure for Covid-19 to the community.


The Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force and CHCC would like to assure the public that even with the additional cases, the CNMI Community Vulnerability Level remains at yellow because of a greater number of negative results among an increasing number of residents being tested. We would like to encourage the community to continue to be cautious while in public settings. You can reduce your chances of being infected or spreading Covid-19 through the precautionary measures described below.

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