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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

FSM receives cash donation, protective gear from China

FSM Health Secretary Livingston A. Taulung receives China's Covid-19 relief aid from Chinese Ambassador Huang Zheng during a turnover ceremony May 21, 20202. Photo courtesy of FSM Information Service

Palikir, Pohnpei — The Federated States of Micronesia has received $50,000 in cash donation and thousands of protective gear from China, representing the second wave of Beijing's relief assistance in response to Covid-19.

FSM Health Secretary Livingston A. Taulung received the donation Chinese Ambassador Huang Zheng during their meeting on May 21.

Besides the cash assistance, China handed over approximately 10,000 medical face masks, 200 sets of protective clothing and 1,000 pairs of medical gloves to FSM.

China previously gave FSM $100,000 in financial support and an additional $150,000 equivalent in donations of personal protective equipment for first responders.

China also separately donated $20,000 directly to Pohnpei. Both countries describe the gesture as "a sign of the great friendship between the FSM and China."

FSM is among the few countries in the world that remain coronavirus-free.


Huang told Taulung that additional assistance will be forthcoming, including vaccine supply, once it becomes available. Taulung said FSM appreciates China’s willingness to develop a vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our people will benefit from this,” Taulung said. “Rest assured that we will be delivering these supplies fairly to all of our states. I know that our great friendship includes the relationship between the FSM and China, as well as our states and China’s provinces."

“We really believe that this pandemic is a global humanitarian crisis,” Huang said. “The virus respects no borders, and global cooperation and solidarity is the strongest weapon to fight it.”


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