Marianas Variety's founder passes away

Saipan-- Marianas Variety's founding publisher, Abed E. Younis, passed away Saturday morning peacefully at home, from natural causes, surrounded by his family. He was 83.

Mr. Younis was born and raised on April 29, 1936 in the village of Ara in Central Israel, where his clan had lived and worked for hundreds of years. He studied at the Bet Salel Academy of Arts and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and spoke Arabic, Hebrew and English.

In 1970, while employed by the National Television Station of Israel, he was awarded a scholarship grant to travel to Japan, where he visited universities and worked with educators in the field of graphics and animation. From Japan, he went to Guam and then to Saipan.

He said it was the warmth of the locals that convinced him to stay in the Northern Marianas. He later opened his art studio in Susupe.

In 1972, he took over a local newspaper called Marianas Star, which was founded by former Peace Corps volunteers and changed its name to Marianas Variety. MV’s office was located in Chalan Kanoa before moving to Oleai/San Jose in 1974. In 1981, the newspaper opened its two-story building Garapan, where it has since been operating.