How Covid-19 changed our mind about telecommuting

Along with many around the world, I have watched Covid-19 since it was first announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Jan. 11. It was then confined in Hubei province of China, with only 41 positive cases and one death.

As the cases grew and reached other countries, I empathized with those afflicted and began considering how this would impact our island, moreover, the world. Then on Jan. 30, the WHO declared Covid-19 as a “public health emergency of global concern.” Subsequently, on March 11, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. The cases and death toll kept on rising and we witnessed its unstoppable spread and global impact.

On March 15, the first three cases of Covid-19 on Guam were confirmed. On March 20, the governor of Guam announced her first Covid- 19 executive order to shut down non-essential businesses and social gatherings. Two days later, a state of emergency is declared for Guam.

As of April 15, there were 1.8 million total cases and 117,217 deceased globally, according to WHO. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced or observed. It is undeniable that the impact this will have on society is long-lasting.

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed our soc