What about tomorrow?

Portland Maine--Last night one of our neighbor families got into a real loud fight. The husband was yelling, the children were crying, the wife was…and after about 15 minutes he began throwing things out onto the lawn.

We've not seen this behavior from them before last evening.

Subdivision driveways and apartment parking lots that empty out each weekday morning are now full.

Rents are due next week, and so many folks have lost their regular jobs as well as their backup gig economy jobs.

So far the grief cycle (denial, anger, depression, bargain, acceptance) for dealing with Covid-19 in the U.S. has been primarily in the denial stage. However, it's now quickly moving into the anger phase.

In some places like Maine, it's moving into the bargaining phase. Today Maine is posting signs on roads coming into the state stating that if you're traveling from a "hot spot" you must immediately quarantine for 14 days. In other words, tourists from New York please turn around.

Losing a job is one thing, contracting a deadly virus and succumbing to it is quite another.