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  • By Pacific Island Ties News Staff

FSM bans styrofoam, plastic bags

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Palikir-- Federated States of Micronesia President David W. Panuelo has signed Public Law 21-76, which prohibits the importation of one-time-use disposable styrofoam, plastic bags and plastic food service items such as plates, cups, eating utensils. The new law takes effect on July 1 this year.

The new law states that "nothing shall prevent a person from importing reusable, or recycled styrofoam, plastic food service items, or plastic shopping bags. Biodegradable plastic bags and food service items may be imported. “In order for the [FSM]’s Climate Change pleas to be taken seriously by the global community,” Panuelo said, “We must demonstrate courage and conviction in our actions, and compassion and care towards our environment and our citizens. We must lead by example. This new ban on disposable plastic, which allows the importation of reusable and recycled plastic, shows that it is possible to be environmentally conscious while still retaining sensitivity to the conveniences appreciated by citizens and the business community. I want to thank our 21st FSM Congress for their bold leadership on this issue,” Panuelo said.

“I appreciate beyond words that the calls Vice President George and I have made on safeguarding our environment are taken seriously by our nation’s Legislative Branch. Truly, our actions today are our nation’s prosperity tomorrow!”

Panuelo urged FSM citizens "to be stewards of our islands. We are, each of us, guardians of our environment. It should be taught in schools, in community houses, and in homes that our actions as individuals affect our broader society, and each of us has the responsibility to keep our homes and our islands clean."


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