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  • By Pacifc Island Times News Staff

Senator seeks to boost Guam products via technology

Sen. Kelly Marsh (Taitano) is proposing the placement of a Guam product seal widget in the Guam Visitors Bureau’s Shop Guam online app.

"The Guam product seal promotes the Guam brand and distinguishes local products truly made in Guam. The program stimulates economic opportunities by promoting the manufacturing of local products. The effort to incorporate the promotion of Guam products in the Shop Guam app maximizes the use of technology, which isn’t too often leveraged by government.” Marsh said in a letter to Guam Product Seal Task Force Chair Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio Sen. Marsh.

Last month, Marsh (Taitano) introduced Bill 237, which supports the Guam Product Seal program by streamlining its policy directing body or the Guam Product Seal Task Force and broadens protection of the Guam brand by restricting the use of CHamoru and Guåhan on products not made in Guam, in addition to Chamorro and Guam already established in law, to reflect updates to adopted CHamoru orthography and grammar.

“Businesses under the program have provided over 750 job opportunities to the local workforce and has great potential to grow even further as we have seen a strong presence of locally made products in our consumer market. And I see great potential in expanding the program and the Shop Guam app in ways that could benefit local businesses, including non-profit organizations, women’s cooperatives, and other entities that manufacture local products,” Marsh (Taitano) said.

“These developments,” Marsh (Taitano) concluded, “would produce a heightened sense of inafa’maolek, which not only bolsters the Guam Product Seal and Shop Guam programs, but our Guåhan values of community and reciprocity as well.”


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