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  • By Jeffrey Teruel

United to boost flights between Guam and Osaka

To meet the travel demand for the winter season, United Airlines will be boosting its capacity between Guam to Osaka-Kansai in Japan.

The Chicago-based airline will add 3 additional afternoon flights between Dec. 10 to March 2020, departing Guam in the afternoon and arriving in Osaka during the evening every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The turnaround flight will depart Osaka for Guam in the evening and arrive early the following morning.

United currently operates a daily flight on the route, departing in the morning. The additional flights will also use Boeing 737 aircraft adding 370 seats per week.

While Tokyo is a main focus point of United in Japan, the airline operates flights from Osaka-Kansai to San Francisco along with the daily Guam flights. While travelers already can make connections from Guam to San Francisco via Osaka, travelers will be able to make a connection between United's San Francisco-Osaka flight (UA35) which arrives in the afternoon for the evening Guam flight.

Example Schedule for San Francisco-Guam connection (Between December 10 and March 2020):

San Francisco-Osaka UA35 ETD: 11:09AM ETA: 3:00PM(+1)

- Depart Monday, Wednesday or Friday (Arrive in Osaka Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Osaka-Guam UA178 ETD: 8:45PM ETA: 1:20AM(+1) - (New evening flight)

“It is always a pleasure for Guam’s Hometown Airline to make announcements about capacity increases for Guam,” said Sam Shinohara, United’s managing director for Airport Operations for the Asia/Pacific. “We are committed to working closely with industry partners in Guam and Japan to build demand for travel and increase seat capacity between the two markets. The more flights we offer between Guam and Japan benefits travelers throughout our network, who need convenient connections to Asia or the U.S. Mainland.”

Japan has been an important market for Guam's tourism industry and United, a market United has stepped up its efforts on. United has boosted flights to Nagoya and Tokyo from Guam during peak travel periods during the year. (Flights in Asia)

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