GVB 8th Annual Shop Guam e-Festival kicks off Sunday

GVB social media influencers

GVB President Pilar Laguana, center, is joined by social media influencers during the launch of 8th Annual Shop e-Festival on Nov. 7, 2019

The Guam Visitors Bureau’s 8th Annual Shop e-Festival kicked off on Sunday, with 142 participating merchants.

GVB has brought in influencers with thousands of followers to help boost its ongoing marketing efforts across the Asian countries and beyond.

Poyan Fung, a former kindergarten teacher from Hong Kong, is one of seven social media influencers featured during a Nov. 7 press conference announcing the launch of Shop Guam e-Festival 2019 International Ambassadors.

While they continue to focus on the global market though, GVB has also continued to focus on outside-the-Tumon-box thinking as well as the local market on Guam.

“One of the new focus this year,” said Nadine Leon Guerrero, director of Global Marketing, “is to bring Shop Guam e-Festival into the 19 districts, or the 24 villages, across Guam. We are actively recruiting small village partners and vendors and entrepreneurs to be part of the festival this year. This is part of GVB’s on-going efforts to extend tourism outside of Tumon, and create tourism impacts for our entire island.”