The horrors of online shopping

online sopping

Ordering items online is like rolling the dice; you’re never sure if you’ll get the exact product you ordered. Combine that with the frustration of being notified that ‘Guam does not exist.’

Living on Guam definitely has its perks — too many to mention in fact. The pristine beaches, the second to none diving spots, the food! The list goes on and on. However, even paradise has some downfalls. The most glaring to me, isn’t the fact that NFL games start at 4 a.m., or that sometimes brown tree snakes can wander into a transmitter and send the island into a lengthy ‘brown-out!’ No! It’s the crap chute that is ordering online.

Few things are more exhilarating than coming across something online that catches your eye. For some maybe it’s an exact replica of the dress Rihanna was wearing on the red carpet, for others it’s that air fryer you convinced yourself was worth splurging on.