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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Electronic monitoring contract awarded to Florida company

Katherine Maraman

The Judiciary of Guam announces has awarded a contract for electronic monitoring services to Buddi US, LLC in support of pre-trial supervision as directed by the Superior Court of Guam.

“We are ready to move forward with this important effort to monitor pre-trial defendants,” said Chief Justice Katherine A. Maraman. “I know that this important tool for our judicial officers will ensure that people on pre-trial release come back to court and meet the requirements set in preliminary hearings and contribute to adjudicating cases as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

The Tampa, Florida-based company provides tracking and monitoring solutions for corrections and law enforcement customers around the world. An EM equipment provider since 2010, Buddi US, LLC will provide island-wide real time information about the location of defendants 24 hours a day, seven days a week using both GPS and radio frequency technologies.

Buddi US, LLC will provide equipment, training, installation, monitoring and maintenance support to the Probation Services Division who will be the lead for this new program in cooperation with all trial court judges.

“We believe that electronic monitoring will have an impact on changing some behavior," Maraman said. “Using EM technologies to track those released while awaiting trial in our island courts respects the presumption of innocence which is the foundation of our criminal justice system.”

Full implementation of the Electronic Monitoring Program is expected to begin on Aug. 1.


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