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  • By Johanna Salinas

BMW opens a 'new chapter' on Guam; new showroom launched

Christopher Wehner

To further delight one’s experience of Guam scenery, riding a BMW can provide an almost dreamlike animation to the island’s roads. However, with recent scandals involving Prestige Auto forging BMWs ownerships, Guamanians feel uncertain of having one of the luxury cars. So, on May 29 Atkins Kroll opened their very own BMW showroom as the new official BMW Guam dealers.

“Prestige Auto has their own issues but BMW was looking for an importer to cover the Guam market,” said Ernie Galito, AK marketing and communications director. “BMW asked us to become their importer. The process was about a year, because they wanted to see how we treat our other original equipment manufacturers, such as Toyota, Lexus and Chevy.”

Christopher Wehner, BMW managing director at Singapore, visits Guam during the opening of Atkins Kroll's BMW showroom in Tamuning on May 30. Photo by Johanna Salinas

Christopher Wehner, BMW managing director at Singapore, is optimistic on AK’s prospective. “With AK, we opened a new chapter in Guam and the past with Prestige Auto is past. We look forward to a bright future and strong business in Guam,” said Wehner. “AK is a strong partner. They are committed to our brand. They are what we need for BMW. They take care of our customers.”

Being a well-travelled man, Wehner believes that the island is a good environment to drive the luxury vehicle. “Guam has the perfect weather for a BMW, with the blue skies and bright sun and wind, which is really great for a convertible,” said Wehner. “A BMW is fine to drive when you don’t have a traffic jam. So, I personally prefer a windy country road or racetracks.”

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As a local, Galito has an ideal place on Guam to experience a BMW. “The roads going to where I live in Yigo is best for a BMW. Going from Ysengsong Road to the Yigo Fire Station, it’s a nice smooth drive. Just one stop light, which is a great way to enjoy the car,” said Galito.

“Because some of the BMWs have all wheel drive or automatic braking systems, no matter the weather, it can adapt to the road. The computer-generated wheel system will keep it on the road.”

While many locals may feel reluctant to purchase a fancy car, Galito believes that a BMW can be a satisfying ride. “We may have special offers when we come to a year end close out, but because these models are 2019s, they’ll be at the full premium price,” Galito said. “Because it’s a luxury brand, we feel that the value of the brand is worth the money.”

The opening of the showroom also included the revealing of the BMW 3 Series, which is one of the most impressive models AK will offer.


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