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  • By Pacific Island Times Nes Staff

Ancient remains found on Saipan

Ancient human remains were discovered in the village of San Antonio on Saipan, according to CNMI Department of Public Safety detectives, who responded to a 911 call.

Detectives said they noticed bones that were attached to roots of a fallen tree along Hakmang Avenue.

“Crime Scene Technicians, along with the Historic Preservation Office specialists arrived shortly after and assessed the remains,” according to a press release from DPS. “Proper procedure was followed and photographs of the scene were taken.”

Archeologist Luk Simmonds determined that the bones discovered were of ancient remains.

CNMI DPS reminds the public to refrain from handling, marking, or moving any remains, surrounding soil or foreign debris around an area where human remains are discovered and to report any discovery of human remains to 911 immediately

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