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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Jollibee Guam to open April 6

Jollibee Foods Corp., the Philippines’ largest chain restaurant that operates in 21 countries, will open its flagship brand Jollibee in Guam at Micronesia Mall on April 6.

Foodies in Guam can look forward to finally getting their hands on the brand's world-famous Chickenjoy. The delicately hand-breaded fried chicken is described as “crispylicious on the outside,” with a secret marinade that makes it “juicylicious on the inside.” Other favorites from the menu include Jolly Spaghetti, with its signature sweet-style sauce loaded with chunky meat and cheese; and Jollibee Burger Steak, with beefy patties served in a special mushroom sauce.

Jollibee, from its humble ice cream house beginnings in 1975, quickly grew into a culinary giant with over 1,300 stores worldwide. Its openings have drawn queues with people lining up upto 20 hours for a taste of their Jollibee favorites.

"We’ve seen people queue even in extreme weather to enjoy our unique and tasty food. We invite everyone – CHamorus, Micronesians, mainland Americans in Guam, and everyone here in Guam– to come taste and see for themselves why people are willing to wait and line up for our food,” said Dennis Flores, Jollibee Foods Corp.’s president and head of International Business.

Jollibee has 37 stores in the United States, with branches in New York, Florida, Texas, California, Hawaii, and many other states.

Jollibee's expansion is part of its overarching goal to be among the top five restaurant brands globally.

"This is a special moment in Jollibee’s history. We’ve long dreamed of the day we could serve the beautiful island of Guam, with its unique blend of Pacific, Asian, and American cultures and cuisine,” said Flores. "The diversity of the people and food culture here makes it a perfect opportunity for us to spread joy to our customers."

Jollibee restaurants are known for attracting large crowds on their opening days, with thousands of enthusiasts arriving early and even camping overnight outside the store to be among the first to bite into a Chickenjoy. Guam is expected to elicit the same excitement on April 6 at the new location at Micronesia Mall.


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