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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Nelson: Put Guam Visitors Bureau in charge of Liberation Day

For years, Guam's Liberation Day has celebrated the freedom obtained from Japanese occupation by the 1944 American invasion and its events have traditionally been the province.

Vice Speaker Sen. Telena C. Nelson introduced legislative Bill No. 33 on Friday to transfer the authority and oversight of the Guam Island Fair Committee from the Mayor’s Council of Guam to the Guam Visitors Bureau.

The bill would put GVB in charge of the upcoming 75th annual Liberation Day carnival, parade and other festivities.

“The Guam Visitors Bureau has had success promoting Guam as a world-class destination. Why not let them pour that same passion into our island’s most celebrated holiday?” asked Nelson.

“I appreciate all the mayors have done to lay a foundation for the future of Liberation Day and its associated activities, but our mayors have many other municipal responsibilities that need their full attention year-round. Let’s have our tourism professionals put Guam’s stamp on our 75th Liberation Day,” she added.


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