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  • By Mar-Vic Cagurangan

AK to open new BMW showroom next year

Design model of new BMW showroom

Atkins Kroll Inc. on Thursday announced the opening of its new showroom for BMW line of vehicles at its current headquarters in Tamuning in March 2019

The new BMW showroom on Marine Corps Drive will have 5,000 sq-ft of retail space and a delivery bay for handover, providing “a place for the magic moment, as we call it,” said Ernie Galito, AK’s marketing director.

Also on Thursday, AK unveiled its BMW Boutique at the Hyatt Regency Guam, serving as its temporary showroom pending completion of the new location.

The new BMW showroom will open in March 2019

“We want to invite customers of BMW, as well as those aspiring to become owners of BMW to come visit us,” Galito said. “Hyatt has a lot of galas and events and those who attend those events are more likely to become BMW owners.”

AK’s goal is to sell over a hundred BMW vehicles a year. Galito said there are 600 BMW customers who come to AK for service.

“So there is a lot of BMW owners in the market,” he said. “There is a community here that appreciates a lot of finer things in life. And also, there is a lifestyle, comfort and German technology engineering that BMW has to offer. So we think there is a niche market for it and there’s a lot of people who just like the car for its performance and style.”

Galito said AK has a variety of new BMW models at price range that will suit one’s pocketbook and taste.

“The black sheep is the seven series which is a super-super luxury car for people who want to enjoy a super ride with a lot of conveniences and, of course, up-to-date modern technology that BMW has to offer to car owners,” he said.

Galito said BMW is the only brand in the market that features gesture-control technology. “You can control your radio and temperature by hand gestures in front of the camera. So instead of touching and taking your eyes off the road, you can use hand gestures to turn up or turn down the (radio) volume,” he said.

AK was appointed as BMW importer and retailer in January 2018, taking over the dealership from Prestige Automobiles.

“We’re happy to be a distributor of one of the top luxury and performance brands in the world. We’re very excited to share what we have to offer from BMW at the Hyatt,” said Alex Hammett, Atkins Kroll president. “We not only want to showcase BMW models but also elaborate the lifestyle of BMW ownership. We are pleased to have our BMW Boutique in the Hyatt Regency Guam.”


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