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  • Pacific Island Times News Staff

Brouillard, priest accused in numerous sex abuse cases dies

Father Louis A. Brouillard, who served for many decades on Guam as a parish priest and Boy Scout leader, has died at age 97. The darker side of Bouillard's long tenure on the island is reflected in the fact that he's named as the perpetrator in many of the more than 180 clergy sexual cases currently before the courts.

The Archdiocese of Agaña announced the death in a brief statement:

"Father Brouillard passed away Wednesday, Oct. 10 (Thursday, Guam time) in Minnesota, where he had been living for many years. His health had been declining in recent months. .

Father Brouillard was the subject of numerous sexual abuse lawsuits filed by former altar boys on Guam.

The archdiocese continues to pray for all victims and survivors of child abuse in our Church. We continue to work diligently to bring resolution and reparation to each person.

The archdiocese has extended prayers and condolences to the late priest’s family in the U.S. mainland. We pray for the soul of Father Brouillard."


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