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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Typhoon Mangkhut has filled Northern Guam shelters

Not a good day to go to A.B. Won Pat Int'l Airport, which in any event is closed. 4 p.m.

With the winds and rain picking up at mid-afternoon, five of the seven northern shelters have reached maximum capacity. Northern residents seeking storm hardened shelters are being referred to Okkodo High School or Upi Elementary School. The shelter at Juan M. Guerrero Elementary School closed at 9 a.m.

Too late to stock up at Home Depot 4 p.m. Collaborative efforts between the Department of Education and the Department of Public Works in transporting residents between shelters ended as of noon. The following Full Storm Shelters are: Astumbo Elementary F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School M.A. Ulloa Elementary Machananao Elementary Wettengel Elementary As of 1 p.m., 52 percent of the island’s total storm shelter capacity was reached. A total of 44 percent of shelterees are children. Storm Shelter updates will be released throughout the day. Those seeking shelter and have no way of getting to a designated storm shelter are advised to contact or visit their village mayor’s office to coordinate transportation services for pick up and drop off. Mayor Listing AGANA HEIGHTS Paul M. McDonald, Mayor 472-6393/8285/6 472-6124 AGAT Kevin Susuico, Mayor 565-2524/31 565-4335 565-4826 ASAN-MAINA Frankie A. Salas, Mayor 472-6581 479-2726 472-6446 BARRIGADA June U. Blas, Mayor 734-3724/25/34/36 734-3859/3737/38 734-1988 CHALAN PAGO-ORDOT Jessy C. Gogue, Mayor 472-8302/3/7173 477-1333 477-0450 Community Center 477-7131 DEDEDO Melissa B. Savares, Mayor 632-5203/5019 637-9014 637-5002 (Gym) 637-1129 HAGATNA John A. Cruz, Mayor 477-8045 472-6379 477-6686 INARAJAN Doris F. Lujan, Mayor 475-2509/10/11 828-2543 MANGILAO Allan R.G. Ungacta, Mayor 734-2163/5731 734-5734/35 734-4130 MERIZO Ernest T. Chargualaf, Mayor 828-8312/2941 828-2429 MONGMONG-TOTO-MAITE Rudy A. Paco, Mayor 477-6758/9090 479-6800/6801 472-6494 PITI Jesse L.G. Alig, Mayor 472-1232/3 477-2674 SANTA RITA Dale E. Alvarez, Mayor 565-2514/4337 565-4302/04 565-3222 SINAJANA Robert RDC Hofmann, Mayor 472-6707 477-3323 TALOFOFO Vicente S. Taitague, Mayor 789-1421/3262/4821 789-2010 (Gym) 789-5251 TAMUNING-TUMON Louise C. Rivera, Mayor 646-5211/8646 647-9816/9819/20 646-5210 UMATAC Johnny A. Quinata, Mayor 828-2940/8258 828-8251/2/3/4/5 828-2676 YIGO Rudy M. Matanane, Mayor 653-5248/9446/9119 633-3001/2/3/5 653-3008 (Gym) 653-3434 YONA Jesse M. Blas, Mayor 789-4798/1525/6 789-1524 (Gym) For more information, please contact the Joint Information Center (JIC) at (671) 478-0209/10/08.

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