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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Mangkhut update for Guam, 5:15 p.m. GovGuam closed Tuesday as recovery efforts begin

Rota hit hard

The government of Guam will remain closed Tuesday, to include Guam Department of Education schools and agency offices. Winds are expected to subside tomorrow morning but at that point, recovery work, including road safety assessments will be made. All residents are asked to remain indoors until the all clear is given. WEATHER UPDATE

As of the 4:47 p.m. update from National Weather Service, typhoon conditions, including destructive winds of 74 mph or more, are expected or occurring at all locations. Rota is already being hit.with winds predicted to be of 100 mph or more.

At 4 p.m., the center of Typhoon Mangkhut was located near Latitude 14.3 degrees North and Longitude 145.7 degrees East. Typhoon Mangkhut is moving toward the west-southwest at 18 mph. It is expected to maintain this general course and speed over the next 24 hours. Maximum sustained winds have increased to 100 mph. Typhoon Mangkhut is forecast to continue to increase over the next few days. Typhoon force winds extend outward from the center up to 40 miles. Tropical storm force winds extend outward from the center up to 145 miles to the north and up to 100 miles to the south.

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