Palau senators call for PPUC board chair's resignation

Koror – Palau senators are calling for the resignation of the head of the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) due to allegations of conflict of interest in having business dealings with the utilities company.

Sen. John Skebong on Jan. 29 asked PPUC chairman Sam Masang, to resign as member of the PPUC Board of Directors. Skebong said the call for Masang to resign was the consensus of all senators.

John Skebong Sam Masang

Skebong also cited other grounds for Masang to vacate his post such a failure to answer inquiries of the Senate; failure to compel investigation of customer complaints ad not providing necessary solution; and for failing to implement corrective action from the PPUC management.

The demand for resignation comes after PPUC board didn’t show up on a scheduled meeting on Jan. 29, but requested more time to prepare before the committee. The Senate sent out the meeting notice on Jan. 25 - four days before the requested meeting.

Skebong’s letter to Masang warned of possible personal and business ramifications should he not resign.

In his January 31 letter, “the Senate calls for your resignation to spare you from termination proceedings which will entail much public debates and legal proceedings that will definitely have serious negative impact on your personal reputation and may negatively affect your business.”

He says the Senate has lost confidence in Masang’s leadership as PPUC Chairman and that he should not continue as a board member.

Skebong also alleged that PPUC board and management has not been transparent and truthful in its billings to customers.He also alleged Masang of ignoring ethical practi