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Archbishop Byrnes on new new abuse allegation against Apuron

There's an unreleased Vatican verdict in Apuron canonical trial

The Archdiocese of Agana acknowledges the newest allegation of sexual abuse involving Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron. Archbishop Michael Byrnes has alerted the Vatican about this newest case.

In a story published by the Guam Daily Post, Mark Apuron, a nephew of Archbishop Apuron alleges he was sexually abused by Archbishop Apuron at the Chancery in 1990.

All subsequent information the archdiocese receives regarding this case will be forwarded expeditiously to Rome, adhering to our new, strengthened sexual abuse policy.

Vatican officials informed Archbishop Byrnes late last year that the Vatican Tribunal had determined a verdict in Archbishop Apuron’s case. Archbishop Byrnes continues to await the results of the Tribunal.

Archbishop Byrnes asks all people to pray for Mark Apuron and all others who have come forward with allegations they were sexually abused by clergy or lay persons of our archdiocese. This includes other persons who have most recently stated they were sexually abused by retired priest, Father Louis Brouillard on Guam, in some cases as far back as 1958. They include individuals known by the initials M.W.M., G.C., A.E.P., M.M., G.M. and M.F.T. They have all filed lawsuits against the archdiocese.

“All allegations of sexual abuse brought to the attention of our archdiocese are important because of the grave, irreversible harm all victims of abuse suffer at the hands of persons they once trusted,” Archbishop Byrnes said.

“We are committed to protecting all children and young people entrusted to our care and to not repeat the serious failings of the past.”

Some of the steps the archdiocese has taken as part of its new, vigorous sexual abuse policy is to implement mandatory on-line training of all personnel at our schools, parishes and offices under the national Virtus program. The Virtus program includes background checks of all employees and volunteers who supervise or work with children in the archdiocese.


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