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Guam vets get help for registry effort

Senator Terlaje

For many years, efforts to recognize and assist U.S. military veterans living on Guam have been hindered by a simple, but fundamental problem. There are no solid numbers for the veteran population on the island. Official numbers, including from the U.S. Census have been contradictory.

Currently there's yet another effort underway to reach the elusive vets and get a reliable registry count.

Now, Vice Speaker Therese M. Terlaje and Chairperson of Committee on Military Affairs, Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, have introduced three bills that aim at updating the Guam Veteran Registry and improving veteran outreach efforts in order to better connect veterans and their families to services. The established numbers of veterans on the registry may directly influence the level of funding for services and benefits afforded to the veteran population on island.

Bill 217-34 (COR), 218-34(COR) and 219-34(COR) will authorize government entities that interact on a daily basis with the veteran population to actively support the efforts of the Office of Veteran Affairs in updating the registry and connecting veterans to services. According to Vice Speaker Terlaje, “All three bills aim to boost existing efforts of the government to reach our veterans and ensure increased direct services.”