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Yap Canoe Festival set for December

Traditional hand-carved canoe returning from an excursion in Yap Harbor ©Joyce McClure

Celebrating the Heritage of Seafaring in the Pacific Region is the theme of the 8th Annual Yap Canoe Festival being held December 8 – 9, 2017 at the Yap Living History Museum in Colonia. The festival will celebrate the region's rich heritage of seafaring with a parade of traditional sailing canoes, outrigger tying and canoe building and carving demonstrations and model canoe exhibits.

On the opening day, Friday, voyaging canoe rides will be available to the public all day. The evening will include a night market, with local handicrafts and a demonstration of canoe skills.

A Parade of Canoes with a traditional chant blessing will kick off Saturday morning. Various events, exhibits and speeches throughout the day will center on traditional canoes and sailing. Traditional dances and a traditional stone money carry ceremony are also scheduled during the day.


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