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Yap's own Olympic boxer visits home in run-up to '18 MicroGames

Front row, L to R: June Su, AVI volunteer, Yap State Women’s Interest Office; Laura Ngaden, Yap Women’s Association; Baklai Temengil; Linda Teteth, Director, Yap State Women’s Interest Office. Back row, L to R: Maria Fanapin, Yap Women's Association; Anna Itimai, Vice President, Neighboring Islands Women's Association; Jennifer Chieng; Mary Berngun, Yap Women's Association; Quintina Letawepiy, Staff Attorney, Public Defender's Office; Dee Libian, 2018 MicroGames Organizing Committee. Photo: ©Joyce McClure

Colonia, Yap--Yap native daughter and Olympic boxer Jennifer Chieng and Baklai Temengil were in Yap for a weeklong visit recently as a lead up to the 2018 MicroGames.

Temengil holds the titles of Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs for Palau and Secretary General of the Palau National Olympic Committee Board. She is the first woman to serve as Vice President for the Oceania National Olympic Committee and is a member of the International Olympic Committee,

They met with government officials, local high school and college students, members of the Yap Women’s Association and the Neighboring Islands Women’s Association, as well as community-based women’s and youth associations to promote opportunities for women and girls in sports and sports leadership roles and to encourage everyone to volunteer for next year’s MicroGames. Funding for the trip was provided by the FSM National Olympic Committee.

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