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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

New Guam clergy sexual abuse case filings prompt statement from Diocese of Agana

Archbishop Michael Byrnes

Archdiocese of Agaña Statement

The Archdiocese of Agana acknowledges the latest persons to step forward with allegations of abuse involving Guam priests. We extend prayers to the following individuals who are identified by their initials K.Q., A.M., D.M., A.W.C., W.E.T., P.P.R., R.W.J., B.B.J., and N.P.J.D.

K.Q. filed a lawsuit alleging he was sexually abused by the late Father Techaira in the early 1970s. A.W.C. also filed a lawsuit alleging he was sexually abused by Father Techaira at San Vicente Catholic Church in the 1980s. The men known as D.M., A.M., W.E.T., P.P.R. and R.W.J. have all filed lawsuits alleging they were sexually abused by Father Louis Brouillard in the 1970s. B.B.J. filed a lawsuit alleging he was sexually abused by defrocked priest Ray Cepeda in 1982. N.P.J.D. filed a lawsuit alleging he was sexually assaulted by Cepeda also decades ago. The archdiocese takes sexual abuse very seriously. We care deeply about every person who steps forward and we look forward to a full resolution of all cases.

The archdiocese is committed to helping bring restoration and healing to all victims of clergy abuse. Hope and Healing will continue to reach out to all persons who have been abused by clergy or staff of the archdiocese. Part of the assistance that Hope and Healing provides is to facilitate pastoral care and therapeutic counseling for survivors of child abuse. We encourage victims to call 1-888-649-5288. The archdiocese continues to strengthen its policy and procedures related to sexual abuse and we pledge to do all we can to ensure the protection of all children entrusted to our care.

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