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Guam judiciary launches new probation services program as it celebrates the work of probation office

School Probation Officer Daven G. Roberto, School Probation Officer Minna M. Lefever, School Probation Officer Vincent P.M. Balajadia, Jr. and Probation Officer Vincent A.P. Reyes.

A program described as “Swift, Certain and Fair Sanctions” is being rolled out with the support of a U.S. Department of Justice Grant.

The Probation Services Division of the Judiciary of Guam will use a three-year $600,000 grant from the United States Department of Justice to complement their efforts to improve probation outcomes for participants and increase public safety.

“This program will better address the needs of probationers on Guam,” said Presiding Judge Alberto C. Lamorena III. “Swift action will be taken on probationers who violate their conditions which begin with an expedited arrest, court hearing and outcomes to include temporary incarceration up to two, 15 and 30 day jail sentences.”

The “Swift, Certain and Fair Sanctions” Program is modeled after the Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement Program, which has yielded lower failed drug tests and lower prison time to participants in that respective state program. County Courts across the United States have replicated the successful probation program in an effort to reduce recidivism in those jurisdictions. The Probation Services Division of the Judiciary of Guam services nearly 7,400 clients

. Twenty probation clients will participate in the first Year of the “Swift, Certain and Fair Sanctions” program, with 30 clients to participate in years two and three, respectively.

“Behaviors will be reshaped,” said Presiding Judge Lamorena. “It will become clear that sanctions handed out in open court in front of other probationers will be applied fairly and consistently to all. Good choices will help avoid sanctions.”

The mission of the Probation Services Division of the Judiciary of Guam is to promote public safety through risk-based supervision, support client reintegration, reduce recidivism and support the administration of justice for court-involved youth, adults, victims and the community.


Meanwhile, The Judiciary of Guam took time out on July 20 to celebrate Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week. The theme “Clients, Communities, Employees: Empowerment through Partnerships.

We salute and celebrate the success of our community supervision professionals who make Guam safer – performing work that is emotionally demanding and sometimes dangerous; yet, necessary. These individuals help change lives of men/women and boys/girls, as well as enhance the quality of life in our island community. The Staff Appreciation Event featured a cake and ice cream social with the Probation Services Division at Guam's historic courthouse.


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