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Why we need supporters

The Pacific Island Times, though a very young publication in the region, has a growing readership. But like many media organizations, we are operating in an incredibly challenging financial climate due to fast declining advertising revenues.

We basically rely on our readers’ support through subscriptions to our monthly print edition. We will soon make the digital version available for a small fee. Our subscription revenues are reinvested into our content, which takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce.

We are a small group of veteran journalists — with more than 75 years of experience in journalism—whose mission is to provide excellent journalism. We offer broad view on issues and fresh perspectives with no attachment to any ideology. Our monthly editions provide in-depth research, news analysis, and comprehensive coverage of the Pacific region.

We are an independent publication. The Pacific Island Times, in partnership with Palau’s Pacific Note, doesn’t have a wealthy owner pulling the strings or peddling influence on our editorial content.

Because we want to keep our journalism accessible to everyone, we haven’t put up a paywall.

If you like our reporting and want to be part of our mission to safeguard independent press in our community, we would like to invite you to subscribe.

For subscription request, please email

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