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Palau stars in DiCaprio’s docu-film

Koror ( Pacific Note) – Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary Before the Flood features Palau as one of the nations in the world feeling the effects of climate change.

DiCaprio’s team visited Palau earlier this year.

Palau President Tommy Remengesau described to the team the uncertain future this nation is facing due to rising sea levels and declining coastal ecosystems. He also explained that small nations like Palau contribute less to carbon emissions but feel the most brunt of climate change.

“The effects of climate change are real as we can see firsthand with the changes in the weather and the two typhoons that recently decimated Palau and the two hurricanes that are approaching Hawaii at this moment,” Remengesau said, keynoting the opening of the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii in September

“However, this new global network that has been created is also the answer to these challenges we now face. We must work together to find solutions to the issues facing our oceans, our climate and our environment. We must forge solid and lasting partnerships in which the efforts of each country, each state and each person are supported by those who have the resources to do so, “ he added.

Before the Flood also features prominent international scientists and activists who, while less known to the general public, play key roles in understanding and combating climate change.

President Barack Obama and Pope Francis were also interviewed in the documentary about their insights on climate change and its impact.

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