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Tourist visitors get an upfront look at Yap culture

Colonia-- Yap is a little off the well beaten tourist track in oceania, but that may be changing.

The Silver Discoverer, a small, yacht-type expedition cruise ship operated by Silversea Cruises, brought approximately 90 passengers to Yap on October 6th for a daytrip excursion that included land tours, diving and a traditional bamboo dance demonstration at the Living History Museum in Colonia. “Most of the visitors were from the U.S. and Germany but other countries were represented, as well,” noted Vincent Tafileluw, sales and marketing manager of the Yap Visitors Bureau. “We’re always excited to have the opportunity to host tour groups like this one and introduce them to our culture,” he added.

The visitors also stopped at the canoe house beside the lagoon where local men were demonstrating traditional canoe carving techniques and offering colorful hand-woven lava lavas and hand-carved items including jewelry and miniature canoes for sale.


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