September 5, 2018

  “We are no longer locals when our homes are gone.” Such a sobering statement this early in the morning at the breakfast table in Palau. My new friend sipped his coffee and looked out across the street at the half-lit Massage Parlor sign and sighed. He has lived here all of his life and has seen his island transform from a sleepy and serene community to a bustling mini-city filled with tourists, contract workers and “Oh man,...

After spending most of my morning preparing for a marketing workshop I will be conducting this week, I decided to stretch my legs and visit some of our SBDC clients in Hagatna. I wanted to get back out in to the small business trenches and see how the owners and their staff were doing.

It was lunch time, so I first stopped at the Chamorro Village food court and wandered by all of the food booths. I was happy to see a new Filipi...

   I did something stupid the other day. While we were shopping for groceries, my 10-year-old daughter peered through the glass doors in the frozen dessert section and asked if she could buy a pint of acai frozen fruit. I took one look at the small container that had a $9 price tag and immediately shook my head. Then, she picked up a box of ice cream sandwiches that was on sale for $3.99 and I smirked and told her that she wou...

On a cool Saturday morning, I sat at my kitchen table and sipped organic fair trade coffee, nibbled on fresh sweet bananas and silky scrambled local eggs while I contemplated life in the Marianas. I thought about my recent trip to the Farmer’s market in Saipan where I almost fainted from excitement when I saw the meat display case full of Tinian beef and local pork. I returned to that market four times during my trip and went...

February 7, 2018

   In business, things don’t always go as planned. I often repeat the famous saying to my clients, “Murphy’s Law: What can happen, usually does.” That’s why I believe that before aspiring entrepreneurs start a business, they begin with a vision and then write a business plan. The vision and plan will keep them on their path when they hit walls, go under water and put out fires.

  My dad, too, had a vision to grow fruits an...

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