Purple Heart recipients get further recognition from Guam

November 11, 2017


During Saturday's Veterans Day official ceremony on Guam, Governor Calvo reminded the crowd that Guam has many reminders of the importance of military service to the life and history of its region.


Visitors will see Marine Corps Drive, Army Drive and the Vietnam Veterans Highway. But they will also find the Purple Heart Highway.


Guam, with its history of battle on island and a long tradition of local military service has recognized these things in many ways.


But on Veterans Day this year, something new was added to a status that comes with pain and suffering for those who served.


Governor Calvo announced a new license plate will be available starting Monday to those select few who earned this honor.



“This special license plate will only be given to someone who has shed their blood for our island or nation. It is our Guam veteran’s Purple Heart license plate. For those of you have given your all for our island and nation, we want to commemorate your sacrifice.”

 Governor Calvo, former Senator Tony Ada, Senator Joe S. San Agustin


Promise kept.



2017 (FIRST) Regular Session


Bill No. 103-34 (COR)


Introduced by:                                                        Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr.

                                                                               Joe S. San Agustin

                                                                               FRANK B. AGUON, JR.

                                                                               Fernando B. Esteves







        Section 1.     Legislative Findings and Intent. Since the establishment of Special Recognition Veterans License Plates for veterans who are recipients of a military award for valor (Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Navy Cross, or Bronze Star w/”V” device) or a Purple Heart who resides on Guam, the Department of Revenue and Taxation, the Guam Veterans Affairs Office, the Guam Veterans Commission and other stakeholders have been working tirelessly to finalize a license plate template that truly provides honor and recognition to our distinguished veterans. Through the hard work of the Department Revenue and Taxation Motor Vehicle Division staff, the cost for the development of the different special recognition designs have been kept to a minimum and under the $5,000 initial appropriation.  It is therefore the intent to utilize the remaining balance to fund the initial production of special recognition license plates for veterans.


        Section 2.     Amendment of Section 11. of Public Law No. 33-185. Section 11. of Public Law No. 33-185 is amended to read:


        "Section 11. Appropriation to the Department of Revenue and Taxation for the Special Recognition Veterans License Plate. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) is hereby appropriated from the Fiscal Year 2017 Tourist Attraction Fund to the Department of Revenue and Taxation, Motor Vehicle Division, for the purposes of funding a template and production for the Special Recognition Veterans License Plate authorized in § 7120.5 of Chapter 7, Title 16, GCA.  After all Special Recognition License Plate templates have been completed and funded, all remaining balance shall be used for the production and delivery of license plates. The first batch to be produced shall be the Military Order of the Purple Heart License Plates pursuant to the registration list approved by the Guam Veterans Affairs Office. In the event a non-profit organization such as the Military Order of the Purple Heart offers to fund the template and production of the Purple Heart license plate, the Department of Revenue and Taxation may accept such offer to offset production costs. Should such an offer occur, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) shall be executed by an official representative of a non-profit organization and the Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation clearly indicating the terms and conditions of such offer.”


        Section 3.     Additional Funding Requirement.  Upon the initial order and production of Special Recognition License Plates utilizing the funding source per Section 2 of this Act, the Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation shall immediately provide to I Liheslaturan Guahan the additional amount needed to produce the remaining special recognition license plates, which shall be included as an additional amount to the Department’s FY 2018 annual budget request.


        Section 4.  Effective Date.  This Act shall become effective upon enactment.

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