Yap governor facing impeachment

Updated: Sep 24

Yap State Legislature charges Falan with 'misfeasance and malfeasance' over AGO shutdown

Yap. Gov. Henry Falan

By Joyce McClure

The Yap State Legislature has introduced a resolution calling for the impeachment of Yap State Gov. Henry Falan, charging him with "misfeasance and malfeasance" based on his move to close the attorney general’s office.

The announcement was made during a public hearing on Sept. 23. Speaker Vincent Figir, Sen. John Mafel and five other senators signed the resolution.

Three senators declined to sign the resolution.

The legislature will continue the public hearing today. According to a representative from the governor’s office, this is just the beginning of the impeachment process.

The closure of the AG’s office came on the heels of the legislature’s refusal to approve the salaries of the two attorneys general, who had not been paid for nearly two months.

As reported in the Pacific Island Times on Sept. 18, the disagreement between the legislature’s Finance Committee chair