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Transcending Colors: mother and son tandem at Lees Reyes Art Gallery

Local artist Rubyjane Buhain-Redila and her son Jay Buhain Redila opened their mother-and-son art exhibit titled “Transcending Colors” at Lees-Reyes Art Gallery in Tumon Sands Plaza on Jan. 6. The exhibit, which runs through Feb. 13, features artworks in acrylic, oil, alcohol marker, ink and digital media. We asked them to describe each other's work.


About my son's work

By Rubyjane Buhain-Redila 


I think my son's work is as profound as his character and such profundity is translated in his paintings on digital canvas. There's so much intelligence and so much thought put into his paintings.

I have witnessed his growth and how he has also evolved as an artist.

More importantly, his paintings connect with the audience. That's what impresses me the most. You can see it through his social media platforms. It resonates so much. The amount of engagement he has received in just a small amount of time is incredible.

He can connect with his audience through visual storytelling. That's what I'm most proud of.

One particular piece by him that stands out is titled "Pagkawala," which means "Loss." From my understanding, "Pagkawala" depicts his inner feelings and emotions about his cultural identity and how it's sort of lost. It is a self-discovery on my part as well. It occurred to me that I might have failed to pass on to him our Filipino culture and heritage. He had to Google the Filipino word to sum up what the piece is about.

"Pagkawala" expresses his yearning for his cultural identity and his desire to connect to his Filipino roots. It's a poignant piece.


About my mom's work

By Jay Buhain Redila


I admire her work immensely. As much as she likes to compliment my work, I don't think I can match the way she creates and the passion she puts into her work.

My mom is a very versatile person, and that quality extends to her paintings, as well.

I've witnessed how her style has evolved over the years since she's been painting for basically my whole life. I remember some of her best paintings. They were so big. I watched as she put the first layer of paint on the canvas.

I remember some of her earlier works had sort of a dark and gritty feeling to them. Her newer works are more, like, bubbly and colorful. And I think she expresses herself incredibly well through her paintings. You can tell that she really enjoys painting. I can definitely tell because I live with her so I get to see them being painted and the process behind them. I admire not just her work. but also the meticulous care that comes with the creation process.

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