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'To be eligible for ALL RISE, one must pick this program over senators' version'

The Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation today released its official guidance for the All-RISE Program but application forms are not available at this time. DRT said it will advise once they are available.

In order to be eligible for the All RISE program, individuals "must elect to receive payments under this program in lieu of any payments that may be available under the RISE Act, Executive Order 2021-11, and Bills 75-36 and 164-36," according to DRT.

ALL Rise is the governor's version of the stimulus program that was first proposed by the 36th Guam Legislature.

Those who are eligible for the program are the following:

(a) Individuals must have a validly filed and processed Guam income tax return for year 2020 with an adjusted gross income of no more than $40,000 in the case of an individual return or no more$80,000 in the case of a joint return. (b) Individuals must certify that their household experienced a negative economic impact from the Covid-19 pandemic and that they were residents of Guam in 2020. (c) Individuals must submit a Form 8821. Payments to eligible recipients will be made by check and sent to the address indicated on the All RISE application form. Applicants will have the option to be paid by direct deposit.

Applicants must make the direct deposit election on the Application form and indicate their bank account number, routing number, and whether the account is a checking or savings account. The direct deposit option is available for bank accounts at Guam financial institutions only.

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