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  • Gina Tabonares-Reilly

The future of advertising: Guam, Pacific island countries will see flying billboards

Guam advertisers will soon find another place to reach the market: the sky. And if the new advertising platform proved successful, we might just see a futuristic skyscape, dotted with flying billboards.

Bella Wings Aviation of Guam has teamed up with PromoDrone, a California-based advertising and marketing company, for an international licensing partnership that will launch the commercial drone advertising industry in the Pacific islands region.

Besides Guam, the partnership territory also covers the Federated States of Micronesia, Northern Marianas, Palau and the Marshall Islands.

“As the drone industry continues to evolve, we feel that PromoDrone’s innovative thinking is aligned with our core business," said Charlie Hermosa, president and co-founder of Bella Wings Aviation, which launched its business last year. "This is a unique disrupter to aerial advertising.”


Public Law 35-119, signed in December last year, has added the drone business to the list of industries that qualify for the government's qualifying certificate program. The new law seeks to pave the way for the commercial industry to take flight on Guam.

During the pandemic, PromoDrone launched its “business-in-a-box” licensing model, by which operators in other territories can utilize PromoDrone’s banner system and processes to perform aerial advertising campaigns in their local markets.


PromoDrone said this new business model allows the company to scale its technology and simultaneously create entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs for UAV operators and professionals around the world.

Founded in 2016, PromoDrone specializes in OOH event advertising using a “flying billboard.”


“As an experienced and forward-facing drone company, Bella Wings Aviation is the perfect partner to take the drone advertising industry to the next level in Guam and the South Pacific region," PromoDrone Founder and CEO Jamar Williams said.

PromoDrone was nominated for the San Diego BusinessJournal and the Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce’s Black Owned Business of the Year Award for 2020.

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