Terlaje vows to restore public trust in legislature

Newly elected speaker leads a slim Democratic majority

Newly elected Speaker Therese Terlaje, who will lead a slim Democratic majority in the 36th Guam Legislature, vowed to promote transparency in government and restore the public’s lost confidence in the law-making body.

“It is time to ensure faith in government, to lead by example by promoting openness and accountability which fosters trust,” Terlaje said in her inaugural speech Monday, acknowledging the odds being faced by the legislature.

“We will be greatly challenged. We will need bi- partisanship and cooperation. It will take the best of our individual and collective ideas, and the critical scrutiny to create the type of strong policy to restore prosperity and stability to the lives of those we serve.”

Senators were sworn into office on Monday and sealed the chamber’s leadership.

Leaders of the 36th Guam Legislature

Speaker Therese Terlaje

Vice-Speaker Tina Muna Barnes

Legislative Secretary Amanda Shelton

Committee on Rules Tina Muna Barnes

Majority Leader Telena Nelson

Assistant Majority Leader Amanda Shelton