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  • By Johanna Salinas

TECO building a 'timeless friendship'

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office creates bridges between Taiwan and the rest of the Pacific. And in line with this mission, TECO is hosting an art contest with the theme “Guam and Taiwan-Timeless Friendship.”

“The reason we decided to hold this contest so the school was shut down during the pandemic,” said Paul Chen, TECO director general. “We noticed Guam government was so kind to offer free internet to disadvantaged families and kids but then we begin realized that those poor families don't have a device. They may have a cellphone but not a computer or a tablet. So we have this idea we wanted to offer a prize device for them.”

As other Asian nations invest in islands’ resources, TECO hopes to invest in Guam’s community. Chen said, “We have to look into the future and these kids are our future bridge between Taiwan and Guam. and then after that drawing contest, those winners will be displayed in Taiwan. This brings awareness of Guam to Taiwanese kids.”

The director also mentioned Taiwan wanting to revive its cultural heritage by connecting with other Austronesian nations. He said, “I see the government here trying to revive the Chamoru culture and we’re trying that with Taiwan too. We’re trying to create our new identity. We're not a part of China. We have more than Chinese. We have indigenous people. We have 16 tribes. Sixteen different languages.”

Chen talked about Taiwan wanting to cement itself as a part of the Pacific by uplifting other Pacific Islands. “This art contest is something outside of politics,” he said. “This is related to self-power, self-diplomacy. It's a people, to people exchange. We want to do more of these things. We want to bring back the Taiwanese dancers that came here during FestPac. We also want to invite Chamoru scholars to visit Taiwan too. We hope to do this when the pandemic ends.”'


Submission date for the “Guam and Taiwan-Timeless Friendship” is March 22 to 31.

Contest Guidelines

The school must complete a registration form to join the contest.

All students of participating schools are eligible to join.

Students are only eligible to submit one artwork.

Schools may submit multiple artworks.

The collection of completed artwork is from March 22 to 31 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

School faculty representatives may contact Grace Valencia for artwork pick up at 671.488.7334 through text message, WhatsApp or phone call.

The theme of the art contest is "Guam & Taiwan: Timeless Friendship."

Participants may illustrate this friendship by drawing culture, traditions, ideas, that Guam and Taiwan share.

The drawing may be abstract or realistic.

Artwork can be rendered in a variety of media such as colored pens and pencils, crayons, markers, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pastel, charcoal, tempera, and oil.)

Digital art and photography are not allowed.

Size should be 8 1/2" by 11 (letter size) on paper, canvas, etc.

All artwork must be original and created by the student.

Any artwork that is copyrighted will be rejected.

To prevent judge bias, artwork must not include any of the following information: School and student information, event coordinator collecting all artwork will add a code when received.

The following media or techniques may be used:


Creative interpretation of the theme (50%)

Originality (25%)

Technical skills (25%)

Online Favorite (No. of Facebook likes)


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