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Singing along with Leo

By Aline Yamashita Yes&Know

The anger spiked as he read the Delta virus news. Eric stared at me with hurtful disappointment. I wanted to cry.

And while nearly 80 percent of eligible folks have gotten vaccinated, more need to get vaccinated.

Some restrictions have been reinstated. The light at the end of the tunnel dimmed.

So, we do what we always do. We figure it out. We tighten knots at the end of our ropes. We reach into our resilience bag and be, well, resilient.

Coping skills have blossomed in many ways. Some adopted pets. Some rediscovered cooking. Some explored gardening. Me? I discovered Leo in the Morning on 105 the Kat. While I have not met him in person, he accompanies me every morning during kitchen duty and in my truck as I run errands.

Leo softens the turmoil. Leo fills the airwaves with tunes from the 70s, 80s and 90s. His choices connect. Smiles radiate as we hear the songs that made us. I’ll stop chopping onions and garlic so that I can dance to Boz Scaggs or Hall & Oates.

I’ll become one of the Bee Gees or Backstreet Boys as I sing along. I’ll quiet down with Ambrosia. And, well, with Rubert Homes, pina coladas and happy connections give me hope. Leo’s show, as one person stated, is better than a great cup of coffee! An awesome way to start the day.

Every weekday morning, PNC News shares the headlines while Dan Bradley shares rainbow sightings and traffic jams. Everyone is informed as the morning zips along.

Leo’s humor is hilarious. A ’79 JFK Islander, he knows how to weave in stuff that only we know. During a water outage announcement, he warned families that their extended families would soon be in their bathrooms. He quips funny stuff like “I’m trying to work on my good habits but I’m super disciplined with bad ones.” We relate as we chuckle. He shares surveys and trivia – who knew phones were a third party in many beds?

He keeps the sports enthusiasts current. Whether it’s Team Guam for the FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers, Guam Major League Baseball or the Olympics, Leo keeps his listeners updated.

Leo’s voice is a great transmitter of “I’m interested in what you’re interested in.” He personalizes the connection. A person answered a trivia question about tattoos. That led to a short exchange about chosen tattoos which led to Leo sharing how his mom asked him not to get one. Do you think he did?

Leo is dad to 6. Daniel and Nicholas are twins. Then, there’s Isha, Isaiah, Analysa and Hailey. Maybe being a parent skilled him in relating. Once, we were speaking and as I shared that Eric is on the spectrum, he shared that Isaiah is, too. His tone of “it’s okay, he’s okay, we’re ok” actually made me feel okay.

The highlight of his week? Spending time with his youngest, Hailey.

Do you remember Skateland? Of course, you do. Leo was the one spinning the songs as we looped the loop. He has a rich history as a DJ. His ability to use his voice, his humor, his genius warrants a gold medal. Now, he’s the director of Radio Operations for Sorenson Media Group.


One morning, C&K’s “Highway in the Sun” had me singing along. Leo chimed in with “And, that’s what I’m talking about, sunsets.” I smiled. Joy surrounds us. You just got to know where to look.

Yes, life is dealt another virus threat but know that Leo in The Morning can help us make it through one morning at a time.

We thank his parents Danny and Nicolasa for sharing him. We thank Leo for sharing himself. When he closes with “see you later, alligator,” I whisper “make it soon, big baboon.”

Aline Yamashita is a mom, a teacher and a former senator. She served in the 31st and 32nd Guam Legislatures. You may write to her at

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