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What's really in bottled water? Bill seeks transparency in water products on Guam

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Sabina Flores Perez introduced a comprehensive new measure aimed at enhancing the quality and safety of bottled water in Guam.

Bill 269-37 ensures that labels on bottled water accurately reflect its contents by disclosing the inclusion of any additives and by strengthening the requirements for when bottled water can be labeled as being derived from a natural source.


Under this new legislation, the definitions and labeling requirements for bottled water would be specified to prevent any ambiguity for consumers.

Sabina Perez

Types of water such as artesian, mineral, spring and purified would have stringent definitions, making it easier for consumers to understand exactly what they are purchasing. 


Bill 269-37 comes after the Biden-Harris Administration passed standards that better regulate PFAS, or "forever chemicals," in drinking water across the country.

Perez’s measure extends the concept of clean drinking water to all bottled water distributed on the island. 


The bill would also mandate random testing of bottled water for regulated contaminants to ensure ongoing compliance with both federal and local safety standards, with particular focus on products that do not fall under U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation. 

“With these standards, we can better guarantee the protection of our public health and enhance the transparency of bottled water companies we are entrusting with our health,” Perez said. “This makes certain that every bottle of water consumed by Guam residents and visitors is safe to drink.” 


Bill 269-37 also mandates that water bottling companies in Guam adhere to local environmental and public health regulations, further safeguarding our community from potential health risks associated with contaminated bottled water.

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