Selfless and beyond

She’s a giant in size 6. The work that she and her unit did was selfless and smart.

When Families First! was in office, we often connected. Her cases caused tears to squelch the simmering, scalding disappointment in adults who acted anything but.

As the leader of the Bureau of Social Services, Lydia Tenorio oversaw a team of social workers who breathed deeply as they responded to cries for help.

I remember a child left in a drawer while everyone walked around her for years – as if she was invisible. I remember the sorrow of siblings in Pigo — as their parent changed from DOC orange into matai garb – as the abused victim was buried. I remember the internet ad where babies were being sold on Guam – human trafficking at its earliest.

Annual reports continue to show reporting of abuse and neglect near 3,000 of our children. Continuously, physical neglect, physical abuse, and emotional abuse are the highest maltreatment categories.