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San Nicolas: 'Make Guam fun again'

Bill seeks to legalize sale of fireworks

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Dwayne San Nicolas is seeking to bring fireworks to the Guam economy by creating a fireworks industry on island.

“I want to make Guam fun again,” said San Nicolas, author of Bill 9-37, which would legalize and regulate the use of consumer-grade fireworks on Guam.

Consumer-grade fireworks were once legal on the island where families bonded during the holidays to enhance gatherings.

“I want to bring back something from my childhood. I know children and everybody would love and enjoy this, as consumer-grade fireworks are already legal in Saipan the Northern Mariana Islands," San Nicolas said.

If passed into law, the bill, which was included in the Oct. 9 session agenda, would open the market for businesses to sell fireworks and promote economic development on Guam, the senator said. The bill noted that numerous statutes have been enacted to strictly regulate the importation, sale, purchase and use of consumer fireworks.

While there might be concerns for public safety and security with the use of consumer-grade fireworks, San Nicolas said the proposed measure would prevent the illegal and dangerous practice of using firearms as a substitute for fireworks.

Additionally, minors would only be allowed to ignite or set off consumer fireworks with permission and under immediate supervision and control of parents, guardians, or a supervising adult. The bill is cosponsored by Speaker Therese Terlaje, Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes, Sens. Joe San Agustin, Roy Quinata, William Parkinson, Jesse Lujan and Thomas Fisher.

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